Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chocolatey Goodness at a Manageable Size

Yes, I right-sized a cake.

You see, a home made from scratch chocolate cake will not keep more than 2 days without turning dry and crumbly.   You really can't bring it back to life without a gallon of milk and even then it isn't great.

The recipe I use for cake will make two 9 inch layers or three 8 inch layers.  A while back I got another one of my patented brainstorms.  Why not freeze all but one layer and treat that last one as a cake?

One round layer didn't look right so I sliced it in half and made a two layer cake out of it.  Four generous slices made for a less-guilt birthday cake.

Since I made three layers and will make this cake into three separate "D" cakes, I'll get 12 slices out of it and not feel too bad about the results.  

Since it was half a cake or more like a third of a cake, we sang "Happy." and stopped.  Not the whole song, just the word "Happy".  It seemed enough.

The Jimmies are leftover from Halloween.  I've got this Warehouse Sized container of the things and they just don't get used up as fast as you'd expect.  There is enough for one or two more cakes at this rate.  D Cakes that is.

I've got the pictures of the before and during of the cake baking episodes so some day I may share the recipe.  It's really quite good even if every time I make the thing, I do it wrong but differently.

Happy Birthday just never quite says it enough when you have a freezer full of chocolate cake "discuses" wrapped in cling film.

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