Friday, February 24, 2012

The Rare Floridian Water Buffalo and other Wildlife

Is it getting warmer up there?
Sitting in my chair, looking at the scene before me, the morning breezes off the ocean have started.  It is beautiful, only 82.  It's late February.   I'm guessing Winter is done in South Florida.  It's supposed to go to 87.

Watching the mango tree blooms go from light to dark as the bees work their magic, I'm noticing other more subtle changes in the weather.   The flight of the North American Snowbird is in full force.  They've arrived and are walking through my neighborhood as if we're on the beach.  Yes, I have spotted the first bathing suit of the year walking down the drive toward the corner and beyond.

The rare Floridian Water Buffalo has shown itself as well.   Baggy shorts down too low to hide below its belly, the vast expanse of blubber to feed it through the slow season has been stored.  The slow season that never quite arrives, this particular Water Buffalo has taken up residence nearby guarding its valuables so prized that they may only be gotten from one single source here on this wild island, the City Government.  

What valuable could this be that the Floridian Water Buffalo be so carefully guarding?  It would be the giant blue vessel of course.  These vessels are to be left out only twice a week to be collected gently and set back down once emptied of their treasures of banana peels, palm fronds, and other household wastes.  The Water Buffalo wanders through his territory moving the giant blue vessel from high ground to low always guarding it while coveting other blue vessels.  He is to be feared in his frenetic maintenance of the blue vessel which may happen at any time of day, or night.

Once the Feared Floridian Water Buffalo disappears from view, peace reigns on this little slice of paradise.  Other more peaceful creatures can come out of hiding.  Species of Northern Snowbirds, fearful of leaving the safety of their waterholes will peek into our area unsure whether their welcome will be a good one.  Usually with odd songs of "eh?" and "aboot" they will come through, speeding and careening through at a high rate.  These Northern Snowbirds cause fear and consternation as we who are here all year have to watch for them.  Often they will simply melt away after visiting, and never to be seen again.

We have an interesting collection of wildlife here.  Some are even four legged.  They can be the most fearful beasts ever.  Having originated in places like Mexico and the British Midlands, their size belies their fury.  These can be the most aggressive of the species as they will charge you when you are on your peaceable rounds because their leaders generally are not the best in controlling them.  Beware the small and fierce as they may bite your ankles!

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