Monday, February 27, 2012

Sea Monster in the Back Yard

Standing at the sink, stirring the coffee, and munching on a sesame bagel with cream cheese and lemon curd, I caught movement out of my left eye.

Seeing that I forgot and left the reading glasses on, I dismissed it. 

30 seconds later, I saw it again.  Air bubbles in the swimming pool.

It's periodic.   It's the breathing of the sea monster that lives out there. 

After finishing the other half of that bagel, I walked out, coffee in hand to the yard.  There are creatures out there.  At night it can be a constellation of little shiny eyes looking back at you wanting you to leave so they can go about their business.  They seem to dislike our presence out there after dark.  The snakes have gone to hide, lizards are sleeping in crevasses and have chased the geckos out for their night feed, and the raccoons and opossums may just be lurking.

So of course the first thing that came to mind is that we have a Sea Monster in the pool.  What else would there be?  Giant Green Monster of doom floating out there just below the surface ready to attack passers by.  It could be an iguana in that 72 degree winter chilled water, or maybe not.

As I stepped outside I realized that my headphones were still on playing some gentle "Uplifting Trance" tracks when it was interrupted by Joanna Lumley saying "You've got Post!". 

Removing the headphones I realized that what sounds that replaced it was the usual background drone of life in the big city, and the filter pump for the pool.   It was on its normal morning cycle, and there was air in the lines. 

My Sea Monster was vanquished and I'll have to remind someone to inspect the equipment.

Here I was hoping for some Sea Monster Brazed on the Grill for lunch, I guess I'll settle for fish and chips instead!

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