Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monkeying Around With Alcohol

I was amused this morning.  I was reading through the daily slog of web pages promising get rich quick sales jobs, and inappropriate job prospects when one of my "break" pages came up with a video.  When you're surfing through over 150 pages a day, you know you're not going to be able to do it all at once.

One of them had a video to a snippet of a BBC TV documentary.  It's safe for work unless you're living in a repressive regime where you have candidates using groups of people as scape goats for their own bread and circuses... oh wait that could be here.

The idea was that we may be more refined, but we're still just animals.   There was a beach in the Caribbean that had folks sunning and sipping drinks.  I'm assuming it was the Caribbean since there were steel drums being played in the background and I rather like that sort of thing.

They also had a troop of long tailed monkeys having a raid.  These creatures were doing just what humans do when they've got access to free drinks.  Some were drinking fruit juice, some were drinking a little alcohol, and some were getting totally wasted and falling down drunk.  The presenter made it a point to say that the ratios of all of that were exactly like in humans.  Some are teatotallers and won't touch the stuff, most will have a little bit and occasionally have a bit too much at the party, and then there are the sloppy drunks.

Just like anywhere else in any resort town.

So if you like that sort of thing, have a short two and a half minute video and enjoy the little monkeys.  Awww look, that one's trashing the table!   The other one is falling over drunk!

Safe for general viewing pretty much anywhere even if it does trash my formatting.  Here's the HD link below:

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