Monday, October 8, 2012

A Frog, A Parrot, and A Thunderstorm

It had been a wet October.  Storms would come in off the ocean, stay for a while, and then move on their way lazily up the coast. 

Sometimes they'd stay all day.  Others would arrive late at night like a drunk falling in from a bar, loudly proclaiming their presence with a noise that would wake you from your slumber.

This day was more of the lazy day.

Standing in front of the kitchen window, stirring the coffee and absentmindedly munching on some toffee peanuts that I didn't need from a discount store, I spotted the little dark colored frog migrating Eastward toward his new home.

There was so much rain falling from the roof that it's home got flooded.

In the background there was music playing.  A bad tribute to Empire Strikes Back on the air, Darth Vader's memories being evoked in time with the snack and the hopping.

Dum Dum Da-Dum (Munch, Hop!) Da DA Dum Da DA Dum (Munch, Hop!).

It was a good solid rain bringing a white noise to the concert.

DA DA DA Dum (Hop!) Da Dum Da Da Dum (Crunch).

Hearing the flapping in the Florida room, someone was begging for attention.   Oscar, the Orange Wing had decided that he wanted to enjoy this storm too.

(Crunch)  Oscar, Want a Shower?!?!
HELLO!  (Flapflapflap) URP!
OK, Shower!
(Munch)  Urp!

I set the cage on the floor, slid open the door to the back yard and set him on the deck.

Deciding that I really didn't need any more of those sweet and salty snacks, I went back to tending to the coffee.  My old friend was out there doing acrobatics inside his home trying to catch every errant drop in a flutter of Green and Grey, Orange and Black.   Feathers spread open and wings splayed to the last inch, he was in his glory.

(Hop Hop JUMP!)  Oscar was being watched.  The frog had decided that this was all too much and leapt for safety under the bougainvillea at the edge of the property.  The Wildlife was having a pleasant morning. 

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