Friday, October 19, 2012

Another Reason Not To Buy Chinese - Your Pet Food

Having to watch what I feed my dog very closely, I have to buy low protein treats.   One of the things that I noticed was a correlation between foods marked "Only Feed as Treats" with messages like "No More than One Per Day" and the dreaded words:

Made In China.

I already have learned not to buy Chinese goods wherever possible.  Certain things are simply impossible to buy that aren't made there.  All the jobs were shipped overseas years ago so the One Percent can have another piddly couple dollars on their bottom lines thereby disrupting the World Economy.   Where I can, I buy "Made in USA".

The food supply in the US is fairly well controlled.  Items coming in from outside of the country must be labelled with place of origin.  Things that are dangerous in the Human food supply are generally not allowed.   Other than sugar and sodas that is.  Then we dance on the head of a pin and call the item "Generally Accepted as Safe" pronounced "Grass".

That is because there's a really basic concept here called "Warranty of Merchantability" or "Fitness of Purpose".   That means that if the store sells something as being food - you have to be able to eat it and derive some nourishment from it and not get sick from it.   It's "Fit for the Purpose".

Unfortunately there is a lot of cheap Chinese food that should rightly be called at best questionable, at worst what it is - Poison.

Just like I look for the "Union Label" or "Made in USA", or for that matter Canada or Mexico or some other reputable nation as a mark of quality, I look to avoid "Made in China" because I never know if I am going to get something that will fall apart or poison me. 

Best to look at anything Made in China with a Jaundiced Eye.

So next time you are grabbing that treat for you or your dog or cat, take a good hard look at the item.  If it says "Use as Treat Only" and Made in China... grab something else.

There's a whole host of petitions out there speaking to this issue.   The one I was sent, I got right after getting back from a shopping trip to find some treats to use for my own dog.  I have to feed her about 1/2 of her diet in those treats to keep the protein level down so she'll live until tomorrow.  I Don't want to make sure tomorrow will be her last day because of some treat that the maker wouldn't eat themselves.

If you wish to read more on this subject, the petition is at this link.  Now that I've been made aware of it you will just have to work around me if I am in the store and shopping because you can be certain I am checking labels for country of origin.

Buy Made In America, it saves your neighbor's job and your dog's life too.

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