Thursday, October 18, 2012

Use Packing Peanuts to Help Freshen The Air

I was sent an article by Diane here in town suggesting that it may be good for my blog.   I read the article, chuckled at its obvious simplicity and helpfulness and realized that she was right.

For years, I have been taking an old cotton sock, pouring cologne onto it and tossing it in the Jeep.  The car's 10 years old, only has 44,000 miles on it and I have no real desire to get a new one.  The problem is that it has picked up that "Old Car Smell" when the weather's right and it's been sitting around closed.  Once a season or so, I get an old sock, pour some liquid cologne that I bought on Duval Street in Key West a while back, and toss the thing into the car under the seat.

Now the Jeep smells like old car and Drakkar Noir.  

The simplicity of the Jeep means I could roll the thing out and remove the carpet, wash it in the machine (if I didn't get caught), and have it smelling "Springtime Fresh".

But that would take too much work.

The idea in the article proved to be pretty straight forward, and this is what I did.

I keep old packing peanuts around for the holidays and shipping things like cookies and candies off to friends and family.  You get them anyway so may as well put them to use!

  • Fill the old sock with the packing peanuts.
  • Pour an appropriate amount of "Essential Oil", Cologne, or Perfume into the packing peanuts.  I use about a teaspoon.
  • Sew or otherwise seal up the top of the sock.
  • Toss the thing under the seat of the car.

All done.

The original article suggested pouring the peanuts into jars and leaving them around the house.   I'd say you're probably better off using your vacuum and cleaning the house, but who am I to judge?

Besides, if I were doing this for a scent pot or potpourri, I'd use clean beach sand or something more "crafty".  Add in a few small shells and you have a proper little display that smells nice.

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