Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sunset in Wilton Manors

Oooh Pretty!

Pause that TV for a bit please?

Because, look out the front window.

At the sunset, that's why!

I may not have a digital SLR but I can make my camera do something nice once in a while.  What's even more surprising was that my hand was stable enough not to get visible blurring even at the full sized and uncropped original picture.

This was the view from my porch on May 16, 2014 at 7:12 and 10 seconds in the evening to be exact.

I have a love hate relationship with that view.

There's a chair that sits about three feet from the corner.  One yard or meter from the window.  Since this is Florida, the Sunshine State, there are some rather beautiful things that I can see simply by sitting in the recliner and watching the world go by.  I get to see the drama of the neighborhood life, but that is a very different story.  Living near the central business district of Wilton Manors also means that we're entertained by some rather wobbly passers by from time to time. 

On a brilliant, sun filled day, I also get laser beamed from any bright shiny object.  The sun hits the car and it reflects into the house, and finds my eye.   Time to get up and sit in the middle of the living room for a bit, the recliner's covered with light.  You have no idea how bright a house can be when lit by the reflected light off the back of a Ford F150 truck bed cap's back window at just the right time of day.

Every so often, Nature takes you by the hand and has you stop and look.   It's time for you to shrug the requirements of the day off your shoulders and enjoy the view.  Time to forget the human scale of things and return to the natural. 

When it rains, it has its own drama.  After the rain, the clouds will peel silently away from East to West and reveal the skies after. 

Red Skies at night, Photographer's Delight.

Our own Betty will forgive me if I tweak that saying for effect.

If you look at it just in the right angle, you can forget that there are buildings all around you, tall electric wires and phone poles, and the buzz of the city.  For just a bit, you can in your own mind, become one with the setting sun.  Stopping to smell the roses can be beautiful even if the flowers are not in sight.

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