Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Badly Speeding Girl Gets Stopped By A Cop

A Badly Speeding Girl Gets Stopped By A Cop

When he asks to see the papers for the car she replies "oh, it is not my car. I don't know about them..."
He makes a mental note and asks for the drivers license "oh, I don't have one"
He is confused and asks "then why are you driving, no, speeding, with a car that does not belong to you, without a driving license?"
She replies "because I have a dead body in the trunk that I need to get rid of"
The cop immediately pulls his gun. His heart is racing and he feels he needs backup before anything else. He calls in for backup "...girl... probably stolen car... no license... dead body in trunk... BACKUP NOW!"

Short time later a seasoned cop shows up. The new guy, still pointing his gun on the girl to his side, he proceeds to ask the girl for the car papers. She slowly produces them. They seem in order. He then asks for her drivers license. Again, slowly, she produces them, all in order. The cop now asks for the trunk to be opened. She opens the trunk. It is empty. The seasoned cop is confused and asks the girl: "Why in hell did my college radio me and reports you as driving a stolen car, without license, transporting a dead body, when clearly this is not the case?"

She replies: "I don't know. He must be lying. Next thing, he will claim I was speeding!"

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