Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Frenchman and The Englishman

The Frenchman and the Englishman

One day a Frenchman saw an Englishman having breakfast at a cafe. He decided to have some fun with him.
"Hey buddy," the Frenchman said as he approached the Englishman.

The Englishman ignored him, and continued to eat his bread.

The Frenchman pops some gum into his mouth and takes a seat opposite the Englishman.

"Do you eat the bread crust in England?" The Frenchman asks, chewing his gum.
"Yeah." The Englishman replies.
"Well in France we don't. We melt the crust down, turn it into bread and sell it to England."
The Englishman ignores him and starts to spread jam in his bread.

"You take jam with your bread?" The Frenchman says and blows a bubble.
The Englishman grumbles back, "yes."
The Frenchman smiles and says, "Well in France we squeeze the juice outta the berries, then melt the skins down into jam and sell them to England."
The Englishman rolls his eyes. By now he was annoyed by the Frenchman's snide attitude and the blowing of his bubblegum.

He asks the Frenchman," do you have sex in France?"
The Frenchman blows another bubble and grins," heck yeah we do."
"And do you throw away the condoms after you're done?"
The Frenchman gives a confused look," of course we do!"
The Englishman tells him," well in England we don't. We melt down the used condoms, then pass it off as gum and sell them to France."

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