Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Story Of The Spoon

A family is eating in a restaurant and as the waiter is refilling their drinks the dad drops his iced tea spoon.

Not missing a beat the waiter puts a spoon back in his glass.

Curious, he asks "how did you know I was going to drop it?"
"I didn't. Studies show that the most dropped utensil is the spoon and when waiters have an extra one handy, we're faster and more productive."

"That makes sense but now I'm curious about that red yarn hanging out of your zipper." The dad says puzzled,

"well" the waiter replies "it's tied to, you know, and when I have to go to the restroom this saves me time because I don't have to wash my hands."

 The dad thinks about this and says "That makes sense too but how do you get it back it?"

to which the waiter says "I don't know about everyone else, but I use my spoon."

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