Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year - or how Border Collies and Fireworks don't mix

Happy New Year

Now please lay off the fireworks?

At the time of writing, 9PM(ish) on New Years Eve, I'm sitting in my favorite Bouncy Chair, with the laptop on my lap, in a lull.   The lull is really quite nice because my favorite fur ball Border Collie, Lettie, truly hates Fireworks.

Earlier there was a brief flare up of pops and flashes that the neighbors a couple blocks over decided to have a bit of a show.  I rather like Fireworks, most Americans do, and it does seem to be something that gets done on Holidays.   Coming from South Jersey, Fireworks were a strictly professional affair.  They were quite banned by the cities and towns nearby, and individuals only had fireworks if they went somewhere that they were legal and you would have to sneak them into town.  Fire one off and the neighborhood kids would flock over to see what is going on.  Fire off too many and make sure you have a beer for the cops...

Here in South Florida, Fireworks are plentiful.  You can find fireworks at many convenience stores, and there's a firework superstore down in Dania.   I thought there was some sort of limitation on who could own what sort of fireworks, but I must be wrong because every block seems to have someone shooting them off.

Much to the Chagrin of my Border Collie.   Seemingly on cue, there was just a flare up and I had 47 pounds of black and white fear in my face.   Now I'm being stared at as if to say "Daddy, Make it STOP!".   Sorry, Girl, but its going to be like this for a couple weeks now.   Some day, you'll lose your hearing and it won't matter.  That won't be for a few more years, but for now, please try to deal with it.

No?  Ok, lets go for a walk and please stop barking at the sky!

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