Sunday, January 24, 2010

The View from New Years Lunch

Yes, this was where I had lunch on New Years 2010.  What you're looking at is the Riverwalk and the New River.  The boats there are a fixture there, not an exception.   I'm sitting just West of Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale in a Restaurant called Briny's Pub.  They're an Irish Bar instead of an English Pub, and the distinction is somewhat lost on me.  What I do know is that Briny's Pub has one of the best Fish and Chips platters that I have ever had.  We're not talking about fish sticks and warmed over frozen french fries.  The plate is a large dinner plate with two strips of almost a foot long of batter dipped Cod, a bit of Cole Slaw, and a pile of hot French Fries that is almost as large as the fish itself.   Briny's is a treat for me, with or without my required Guinness on the side.

I sat there having the meal on the First of January, in shorts and a T Shirt, watching the bridge go up and down, and the boats float by.  I wasn't the only person with the idea.  The yellow boat in the background is a water taxi that you can take up and down the intracoastal and see the big houses and yachts parked in a row.  When the Taxi arrived, there were a couple groups that went to Briny's and I think my plate of Fish and Chips was responsible for some of them getting some since it looked so good.


  1. If you have a chance to take a ride on the water taxi (or better yet the water bus), I think you'd enjoy it. It's a different view of Ft. Lauderdale, for sure! Love Briney Pub, too! Best food on Riverwalk!

  2. Constance, you're absolutely right. Kevin's been telling me I have to do exactly that. We had that discussion earlier that the next time we do Briney's we hop on the Water Taxi. Briney's is just about my favorite place to go "Off of the Island"!

  3. Wow it looks really nice there-I love looking at all the different places that you post here Bill because it's like nothing that I see up here in Jersey!!! And the food sounds delicious!!!

  4. It is very different here than it is up North. Very different kind of "lush" foliage. I still think Palm Trees look like Bottle Brushes, but they're pretty Bottle Brushes!

    Briny's Pub has some amazing food. The place is a great place for British Pub Food. Some of the best Fish and Chips I've had anywhere!