Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Who knew that the beach can freak a dog out so much?

After going to the Vet, we drove up Federal to Oakland Park Blvd, and headed out to the Beach.  When I take her to the vet, I do truly try to make it up to her some and since Lettie loves the Car! SO MUCH! I take her on a short trip. 

I can't even use the word "take" without her perking and paying the utmost attention.

It was all smiles and tail wags even over the drawbridge out to A1A.  I was telling her how good a girl she was and that she'd get to see the Beach and the water and how beautiful it was.

Like in the Simpsons, what she heard was probably "Blah Blah Blah Ride Blah Blah Blah Good Girl Blah Blah Blah Water blah Blah Blah".  A word here and there picked out like you're programming your VCR and trying to get it right.   She speaks English but a much more condensed version so One Plus One can easily Equal Three.

Then I rounded that last bend and the Ocean opened up to the East and Mrs Dog went into Stress Overload.  She just doesn't understand what all that shiny blue stuff is!  She's from central Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg and was abandoned in Dauphin County.  The town they found her and sheltered her in was on the Susquehanna River, so she does understand what a River is, but probably doesn't like it.   She doesn't like the pool in the back yard either so Water is just Bath with a lot less fuss!

I never actually heard a Border Collie yodel before but she sounded like a cross between the Swiss Miss and a pack of Beagles in the back seat of the car.  Lettie actually avoided the view, preferring to look at the Sea Grape trees on the inland side of A1A in Ft Lauderdale.   I drove carefully and slowly since I liked it but it was clear that she was stressed out when she stuck her head through the two seats in the front and I felt the heat waft off of her.  

The last straw was when she spotted someone who had the absolute temerity of walking another dog on her beach.   Not that she wanted the beach but that dog had earned the right of being well and fully barked at.   Inside the car and with the windows up, it really did no good, but she had her say.  

The portion of the beach that we rode through and inland to Federal on Sunrise was about 2 miles, and she yodeled the entire time... barking at the few dogs along the way.  I turned north on Bayshore to see the back road and the nicer homes among the finger inlets and every time she saw the water again, we'd hear a 9 year old Border Collie yodel. 


When I turned west and inland she finally calmed down but she's now at my feet, exhausted, and that is where she'll be for the rest of the day.

Silly puppy!

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