Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunday is a day for long dog walks

Sure, this isn't Sunday when you read this, but it is when I wrote it.

Having a good long night's benedryl induced sleep, I managed to get up late for me at 8AM and Mrs Dog was ready for a long walk.   A Border Collie is an incredibly intelligent dog, and my girl is no exception.   There are a couple of routes I tend to take her on, and in the course of the day I try to get her over 2 miles.  Three miles are best.   We got to the cut off between a short walk (.85mi) and the long walk (1 mile even) and we looked at each other.  She started to tug me to the left and I said "Lettie, do you want to go for a long walk?".   She smiled and veered off to the left knowing just what I meant.  No tugging and no force...

We got to Tropics and she wanted no discussion about it, made it known that she wanted to cross The Drive and started a gentle tug at the leash.  I said "Ok, Wait" and she relaxed pointing herself to the opposite side of Wilton Drive and the Gelato Shop.   For some reason she likes That Side Of The Drive, so it is a treat for her.

There are two new shops on That Side Of The Drive opening up.  There is a the place called Gelato and Martini where they're serving alcohol and carbs as the name would make one believe.   I can't really fathom why both fit together other than if you drink, your blood sugar drops and you need a sweet to pick yourself up.  I'll give it a shot and let you know what's up, it does seem to either be open or very close to being open.

The second shop may just be a way to fill some space, or it may develop into a permanent fixture.   There are about 10 or 20 pieces of Unfinished Furniture a few shops up from the Gelato and Martini.  I did see a small chair side table that I would like but the price on that was a bit high.  I'm used to a barn of a building at the Airport Circle in Pennsauken NJ that sold Unfinished Furniture at a bargain basement price.   The particular little table was priced $75 but should be no more than 40 or 50 especially since it is so close to the thrift store Out Of The Closet.   There were other pieces in there that were closer to what I expected so I will poke around there at some point.  I'm good with a paint brush and some wood stain, and I could use a small table to go next to my Poang chair.   We will see....

This walk did turn out to be a long one, we walked up to the back side of Bill's enjoying the quiet and the lack of general activity that a lazy Sunday Morning can bring.   Mrs Dog is the best driving companion I have ever had, and it was nice to just get out, walk and wander around my quirky little city without being half asleep at 6am having an audio book in my head.

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