Saturday, January 9, 2010

I wonder if there is heat at the office?

Funny thing to say isn't it?

In South Florida, Heat in a building is not a given.   After all, we have a summer that lasts about 9 or 10 months a year, spring and fall are about another month and when the weather gets cold its only for a week or two.  Cold weather here is something that someone from Friendly Canada or Liberal New England would say is a Sunny Spring Day. 

This week for example will be low around 40 and high around 60 through Thursday, which is when this will post roughly.   I'm writing this first thing Monday Morning, so who knows what will really happen.

I've never been through a winter at my particular office.   The owner of the company likes it cool, so I keep what I call my Pennsylvania Jacket - a heavy flannel shirt in the drawer.  The building is a big barn of a building, a quarter mile long, and I can imagine that heating that is quite a challenge.  I don't think I ever felt a warm draft from the heaters there.  It should be interesting to see what happens when I get there in about a half hour. 

I'll manage, as do most folks here.  There are a lot of electric heaters under desks, and many office buildings down here under the I-4 line don't have heat but are illogically sealed against the weather.  I've commented on how the house here has Jalousie windows and the heater in the house is enough to keep you from freezing, but not very efficient at it.

Up North, in my 1863 farm house in Philadelphia, I had 2 foot thick stone walls, and a fuel oil burner that sounded like a rocket ship when it kicked in and started.  Homes were built to stand sub zero (Fahrenheit) temps and take it in style.

This will just be another adventure, after all.  Nobody died from exposure in an office even at 50 degrees. I'm actually thinking it will be fun in some oddball way.

Side note, I got home from work after writing this and all was well.  The temp was uneven through the building, but my office was at 73 and 75 all day.  There was one particular office that was as low as 63 which when your blood thins to water from this climate is painful.

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