Sunday, January 3, 2010

My dog would be a lousy card player

Every time she'd get a winning hand, she'd Doggy Smile, ears would perk, and the tail would wag.

Today is the trip to the V... E... T!

Not that the V E T is fun, mind you, but the C.. A.. R.. is!  Big time Fun.   Mrs Dog loves to go for rides in the C.. A.. R.. and if I were a truck driver, she'd be a perfect companion.  She is the best travelling companion that I know of, bar none.   Once I was driving south to Florida and had the roof off the car.  There was a sudden Thunderstorm and instead of pulling over and taking the 5 minutes to put up the roof, I drove onward.   Most people would be shrieking about putting up the roof, but Lettie just curled up into a Dog Ball and rested, content that she's Going For A Ride.  

She left a wonderful dry spot on the seat where she rested, and I think I can still see water spots on the dash five or so years later.

So today I've been saying "We're going for a Ride In The Car" at Mrs Dog and she'd perk at each word, cock her head, and wag her tail with a big ol' doggy smile, and be happy.   I've take to adding a "Wait" and "Later" and she calms down some, but since I'm about 5 minutes from getting up and out, she's still hovering.

Rides in the Car... Disneyland for Dogs!

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