Sunday, January 10, 2010

Its like Pennsylvania out there!

I've been getting hits from potential snowbirds wondering what it is like out there.  Winter in Wilton Manors, Florida this year has been a strange beast, cool and dry, and now cold and wet.

I woke up before the alarm Saturday for some strange reason, thinking I had to go to work, and decided I may as well do my normal routine.  I put out the dog food and waited for her to get caught up before the walk.  We went outside and it was raw.  The best description is in the topic for this post.   The weather here on Saturday is like Philadelphia gets on a rainy day in late March.   It was 46, it is not expected to crack 60, and it is raining heavily.   The radar between Miami and Jacksonville is a complete rain shield, except for the small exception that in Mid State and North, they are showing it as Snow. 

I am about 200 miles south of the Ice area, and according to the USDA, my home is in the Never Freeze Zone by about 10 miles.   They are calling for a freeze warning all the way down to the unpopulated areas of South Florida Mainland, and the Orange Groves are picking their fruit as a result.   My Orange Tree has about 12 oranges on it, but I won't pick.  The Weather is expected to go to 34F, just 1 degree Celsius above freezing here.  The tender foliage is under sheltered conditions, but I may bring in my Orchids.

Oh that dog walk?  Even Mrs Dog, a Border Collie who would walk forever under nicer conditions cut the walk short and came home after just one block.  I could not blame her.  I was dressed for the conditions in a Baseball Cap, Long Sleeved shirt, Leather Jacket, Jeans and Boots, but I was cold as well.

There are articles in the local papers talking about the Iguanas Falling From The Trees like it is an apocalypse.  I had one end up in the yard, quickly dispatched to the bin, but most of them are hiding in burrows and sheltered areas.  The Snowbirds who are here because their plans can't be changed will just have to find other things to do.  There are a lot of things to see here, but having this cold weather is just not helping the Tourists at all.

Do what the locals do, huddle for warmth indoors and hope it isn't going to be as bad as the weathermen say it is - it rarely is and when the sun comes out you'll still be in Florida with all those Palm Trees.

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