Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Winter Snow Sculpture

After the snow that they had up North and our Iguana Killing Cold, I thought I'd post a picture that everyone could agree with....  Or at least the Sane people!   It has warmed back to normal here in South Florida to mid 70s during the days.  It is supposed to stay that way for the rest of the Five Day Forecast.  I'm thinking that by the time the work day is over on Monday, I'll be taking the roof off of the car for the ride home.   Nothing like having infinite headroom in order to enjoy the Florida Sun.

That's your weather report from the Weathermoose.   Picture courtesy of


  1. I definitely second that!!! And it's also warmed up here in Jersey to the high 40's to low 50's quite warm for this time of the year!!
    Can't wait for spring!!!

  2. The January Thaw up there! Enjoy it because the worst week of the winter is February 8-14. That was why I always took Vacation here that week!

  3. The caribou community frowns on your shenanigans :)

  4. LOL, someone's having way too much fun with that! :)