Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday Morning Breakfast

Have you ever wanted to know how to get those scrambled eggs light, fluffy, and custard-y?

Like Sunny Anderson says "Low and Slow is the way to go!".

After the long dog walk, I came home, looked at the quarter of a baguette on the counter and thought that an omelet would do the trick. I turned on the Swing Era music on my Sirius Radio for something bouncy to listen to, and kept it on well past Noon.   Mrs Dog found her mat and lay down, so all was right with the world.   The house was still quiet so I could have my time in the Kitchen.

I have a skillet that is about two feet wide, one foot deep, and plugs into the wall.  That was all the rage back when it was made in the early 70's and it was in the family ever since.   The non stick coating is fading away, so I have to get it good and greased up or I'll have a trial of a time scraping off the leftovers.   I found the best way to grease that particular pan is to set it on a low or low medium heat, slice a piece of bread or a bagel, and put enough butter on the bread to cover the surface.   Take that bread, place it face down on the skillet/griddle/what-have-you and use it to spread the butter all over the surface while soaking up the excess into the bread.   I don't generally start cooking until the bread is golden brown and crispy, and it is at a point where the butter won't smoke or burn.   The thermostat says it is about 325F but I can't say whether I believe that or not.

While the bread is toasting, I have some chopped onions that I tossed onto the griddle that will grill until they turn translucent.  Its my breakfast and I love the sweetness of the onions...   Meanwhile back on the counter, I have cracked three eggs into a bowl and added about an ounce or two of milk into the eggs.   Scramble everything until they're mixed up well in that bowl.

Now, the onions were sizzling and making the house all nice and perfumed with that Diner Smell we all love, and I have the Eggs sitting waiting.   When I have translucent onions, I slowly pour the egg mixture over top of the eggs.   No Salt or Pepper yet, because it will just dry out the eggs and make them rubbery!  I have to pour them slowly onto the skillet because they will run out wide and need to be herded back to the center so they don't run out to the drain in the middle front of the skillet.   Eventually I am able to get the mix of milk and three eggs down onto the skillet and herd them into a nice fluffy pile of yellow goodness, and watch as they tighten up.  By this time, my bread is a crispy golden brown, the onions are mixed into the eggs and I can clear the bread off and onto the plate.

As I stand there watching I can gauge just how tight I want the eggs and when they're ready, I pour them onto the bread.  Personally I don't care for salt or pepper on the eggs, but if you do, now is the time to season them, just before they hit the table.

Just remember, Low and Slow is the Way To Go!

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