Monday, May 2, 2011

Bridge Opening in South Florida - Picture

I was sent this picture this morning.  Kevin was stuck in a bridge opening, and fired off this shot.  With scenery like this, you can see why we moved here.

After all, I live in a place where you can get scenes like this while you're stuck in traffic.  I could rattle off the things wrong about traffic in Florida like clueless (snowbirds, Canadians, and other "new arrivals"), Cars that look like something we'd have junked in Pennsylvania, Interstate Highway system that is choked with too many cars so they close off a lane to create a toll "Lexus Lane". 

But Why?

After all, while we have crazy traffic, a presumably corrupt State, County, and most but not all Local Governments (Hollywood?  Any of the "red" counties?), State and County police that end up on a reality show that make you laugh (Police Women of Broward County),  We Have Palm Trees.  That makes your argument irrelevant.

(I'll just keep driving slowly.  Jeeps Can't Speed.)

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