Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gecko Background Picture

I was going through my pictures on the camera and spotted the thumbnail of what looked like trash on my pavement in the back yard.

It's still early enough in the day that I questioned my sanity so I viewed the shot in Irfan View and realized I was viewing the rare Micro Godzilla. 

Yes, Micro Godzilla, terror of the Sea Grape Leaves and St Augustine Grass, they will view you with disdain and threaten you with their fearsome red and yellow Dewlap of Doom. 

You never know where you will find these terrifying beings here in South Florida.   They live everywhere, eat insects, and sometimes climb up your leg and into your shorts.  While doing that you will submit to the tickle of death as it climbs your leg with tiny Micro Godzilla feet.  Why, I even had one crawl up my legs and land up in my crotch.  Luckily my yard is secluded and the clothes came off... fast.

The reality is that they are completely harmless, completely beneficial, and are actually entertaining in their bluster.   I've stood inside the house, behind the window and screens, and watched one as it warned me off with its little dewlap while it stood on the palm tree just outside.  Comical little beasts.

I was amused by the picture of the gecko, anole actually, staring at my right boot while watching me, so I simply cropped the picture.  The original of this has a lot of trash in it like a broken pool skimmer and my feet, but when I cropped this down to the 1200x800 that fits my current laptop perfectly, this is what I got - shrunken down for the web that is.

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