Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Do You Do With An Overexposed Headshot - Picture

What do you do with an over exposed head shot anyway?

The picture is pretty good overall, it was taken with an iPhone 4 and sent to me as is.  I didn't retouch it at all.   The white towel Lettie is resting on is bleached by the flash and the eyes are glowing with a peculiar gold glow that the tools don't do well in correcting.   Red Eye is a bear to get right.

I guess I should be honest, after sitting in the chair doing my daily routine with the laptop and the third mug of coffee, she was entertaining me by running in her sleep at around 140 beats per minute.  I could have made a good Youtube video with a Happy Hardcore Techno music bed out of it.   But the reality is that it gave me an excuse to post a picture of my dog online. 


Here is how I fixed it.   Simply bring it into my favorite picture viewer and convert to black and white.   I've seen countless profile pictures fixed like that over the years.  

I guess it's my turn to post one.  Of my dog. 

Maybe I've been looking at too many "Lolcats"?

After being stopped by a couple in their car and their two point three kids yesterday and being quizzed about whether she was ok with kids (somewhat, Mc Nab Dogs and Border Collies require a "soft hand") and whether they were loud (if they don't get enough mental stimulation they can be an absolute terror), I told them that the breed is hands down the most intelligent breed around and that this particular dog is a life saver. 

Kids?  Don't know, but for someone who has a very active lifestyle and is willing to get a dog that will learn you better than you know yourself, they're an amazing breed. 

I'd absolutely do it again.

For those who come to this blog looking for Border Collie information (I get about 10-20 hits a day on Border Collie Related Stuff), and how she's doing after the second stroke... She's doing well.   She is an older dog now, 10 1/2 and the stroke has taken her energy down.   We don't do the three 1 mile walks we did until recently.  Now its around 2 miles a day total, and it is on her terms.  She doesn't seem to like the walks in the 90 degree Florida Sun, but you put on a black fur coat and see how you like it.  We have specific walks for specific times of day to maximize cooling shade.  She's content to curl into a dog ball and sleep with one eye open while sniffing the tip of her tail for now. 

We're in it for the long haul.  I'll have her as long as I am able. 

Like the Bumper Sticker says "Who Rescued Who?"

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