Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Predawn Hunt in South Florida

It is early, before the sun has risen.

The hunter peels the covers off the bed and places feet on the floor.  Reaching down, just as his faithful companion approaches, he places socks on his feet.

It is inky dark in the chamber, light sneaks in through the trees and casts a sodium orange glow on the walls.

After paying attention to the dog in the room, our hunter pads across the tiles to the bathroom.

Closing the door, he settles in. 

Seated he looks over at the switch and absentmindedly bathes the room in light with a swipe of the hand. 

It is time to take account of the surroundings.   Beige tile floor and fur from the shedding dog that shares the small home.  An almost white cotton bath mat.   Looking up at the pine slats on the wall, the eyes catch the screen in the window.   The glass behind is frosted and on the screen is a plastic toy lizard.  The toy is an homage to the creatures that live beyond in the jungle.

There is a flash of movement.

Something out of the corner of the eye and down. 

Searching the brown tile walls, and down into the beige tub there is nothing.

Finally out of the corner a flash of movement.  Pink and Beige with tan accents, the lizard moves.   Trying to climb out, this particular lizard, a gecko was trapped.

The hunter says in an Australian Accent:  "Oi look at you!  You're BEAUTIFUL aren't you? My Friend we have to put you where you belong!".

Stepping into the tub with his prey, our hunter attempts to herd the creature into his strong hands.  After chasing the elusive lizard, his realization in the morning fog is that this isn't going to work.  His rewards so far are one gecko, a wriggling separate gecko tail, and a slightly bemused look.

You, my beauty shall be mine.

Padding out to the other bedroom we get to see the patented Gecko Extraction Tool (TM).   This is a functional device that works well on small lizards, geckos and other things like flying and crawling insects.   It is a 18 inch tall cylinder that is well fit to the hand.   Nearly clear, and soft plastic the object of the hunt is simple... Catch your prey alive so that it may be released freely to dine on the insects that are outside. 

This is a mission of mercy, this creature would starve if left in the house.

Waiting for the little creature to calm down, our hero closes in on the prey.  Getting close to the gecko with the Extraction Tool, he drops the open end of the cylinder over and around the gecko.  His prey is trapped, safely within.

Sliding a piece of paper under the cylinder's edge and moving the lizard onto the paper, he is able to completely contain the lizard within a small room of clear plastic.

It is now that our hunter, the Jagermeister of Lizards, the Bwana of Geckos walks to the front door and releases the creature into the screw palms and the leafy ferns of the South Florida Jungle, minus its tail.

Job Well Done.

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