Friday, May 27, 2011

What is on the Table for Memorial Day

When I was growing up, there was always a neighborhood picnic.  We lived next door to the house that was going to host it and it was fascinating to see it set up and people arrive.   It was a collection of folks that to my childhood brain was overwhelming.   Being that guy who never can remember someone's name without a lot of effort or some very distinct reason, it is pretty much a swirl of faces and food.

This weekend being Memorial Day we are having over the neighbors across the street, Billy and Lisa.  Great folks.  So there's beer in the fridge, and I'll have to figure out something to bake for dessert.  They're bringing over some Shish-Kabobs and corn on the cob.  I'm waiting for someone to suggest how to make the corn and we'll tell them our patented burn it on the grill method. 

No, seriously, you soak the corn in the husk for a while before hand.  It refills the ears with water and makes them come alive.   Then you heat up the grill and cook them inside the husk, water and all.   The corn cooks sweet and tender while the husk looks like something that has been through a fire, basically because it has.

Since this is South Florida, we're all looking at the weather for the old saw that it always rains on Memorial Day.  After all it is the wet season, and they do have "passing showers" predicted.  No big deal, it rains, you get wet, it rinses off the outside of your beer bottle.

Now, where is that recipe for dessert...

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