Friday, April 27, 2012

Don't Break In New Shoes On A Long Dog Walk

When I was skating, I was always prepared for this sort of thing.  You see, I skated 21,000 miles over the time I had been in the sport.  Some of my workouts were more than 50 miles, and 100 Mile Weeks were the rule, not the exception during "Season" - April to November.

I had my bag that had as much as a half gallon of water in it, more snacks than some folks would have in a full meal, the iPod, and surgical tape.  When you're on the trail for 3 or 4 hours, you had a lot of things to get you where you needed to go.

I could have used that surgical tape today.   That was the thought that had crossed my mind as I ducked under the red arrow that had "ART" written across it in bold white letters.

My morning dog walks can be quite long.  This one was going to be a mile and a half, and I realized it was going to take longer on the clock as I started cutting the route short.

I had broken out a fresh pair of black sneakers for this walk.  The old ones were quite worn through and were sitting in the bedroom, the better part of a mile away. 

By the time I got to City Hall, the dog had gotten so she was pulling me along.  Strange thing to happen when your dog is over 11 years old.  She's just too well trained to do that as a rule.  I think she thought she was helping me "get up the hill". 

"Silly Dog."

I told her that in front of the entrance to the Police reception area of City Hall as I moved on toward the eventual destination. 

She knows me better than I suspect sometimes.  I get glimpses of another dog-life as a guide dog that she could have had when she stops at the stoplight as it's turning yellow.  As I get to go, she spots a car and blocks me from crossing when the light changes to green as yet another lousy South Florida Driver makes a left turn off Wilton Drive without signals - "Oh, good morning officer, late for duty again?"

Another Gap Mouthed Dog Smile as we trundle over the crosswalk and towards The Gables.

Thinking that "Silly Dog" was a pet name, she looked up, smiled that Gap Mouthed Dog Smile we all know, and squinted her eyes in some cartoonists impression of what a contented dog should look like and then went onwards.

Great looking shoes though.  I'll try them again when the blister heals.  Anyone have some Moleskin?  I'll be fishing the old ones out of the trash for a couple days reprieve.

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