Thursday, April 19, 2012

Scorpions in the Garden?

I remember when I first visited Florida on my own, I was warned to shake out my shoes in the morning. 

You were told that they were rare but sometimes you can find a Scorpion in the house just like in that old article from the TV station.

I only ever saw a few of them, mostly on the first visit to Key West, and then they were dying as they floated into the skimmer of the swimming pool. 

Yes, Florida, a place named after Flowers by the Spanish has strange wildlife.  

We have flocks of Parrots that people have had escape.  I walk outside with the dog and can expect to hear noisy groups of Cherry Headed Amazons fly by.  I can whistle and call to Cockateils and they will call back.

Curly Tailed Lizards were here, and like the Iguanas, were frozen out of the trees on the last cold snap.  But they're back, and in my back yard as well.   They have an attitude too.  The little Geckos and Cuban Brown Anoles that entertain me with their dewlap that is a red and brown checkered flag will scatter if you get too close.  No teeth either so if they're threatened the worst you can get is a good, sound, gumming.

The Everglades have escaped Ball Pythons that are threatening native species because they are so prolific and aggressive.  Luckily they aren't in my yard, the Black Racers are though so I have to watch for those when I attack the brush with the weedeaters.

The Black Racers are very timid and will race away if they spot you so they're harmless unless cornered.  They are native, just like the Scorpions.

I had thought that we didn't have Scorpions here in Wilton Manors, but apparently it's only because I'm not looking for them.  I have spotted exactly one since I have moved here.  That was one day, one Scorpion, and it lived in the gap under the sidewalk near the shopping center.

Yes, they're here even if I'm not able to find them, and I don't particularly want to find them.  A lobster is one thing, they can pinch but won't sting.  A Scorpion will sting with the power of five bees, and I'm terrified of bees.  The rest of the critters, I'm fine with, but a beehive will send me running.

Never did like bees.  Nasty little...

I'm not completely sure why all the sudden Scorpions are being mentioned by people I know.  Maybe it's just the circle of friends I have.  I've been hearing folks tell me to watch for them and are wringing hands about maybe possibly getting stung.  Personally, I haven't seen one in over 3 years so I'm more amused than concerned.  But next time as I am outside enjoying the Florida Sun, and the Florida Florid Plants, I've got to look to make sure I'm not stepping on a Scorpion.  I hear they can get aggressive too. 

Just as long as they leave the dog alone.  They're welcome to those nasty looking toads that will poison things too... they come out when the rains hit but luckily they just stand there looking stupid.   You usually see those pounded into leather on the pavement by a passing Toyota.

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  1. Those curly tail are big too. Sometimes if I can kill a palmetto bug I will feed ours.

    I saw a lizard with a blue tail green body and brownish head at our pool, sunning and posing