Monday, April 16, 2012

This Cat Is Why You Need A Dedicated Camera

Maybe I am a "Demanding User".  Maybe my needs are greater than the average bear, but I just don't see how this is a good picture.

No, the photographer wasn't me, and I'm not blaming him.  The problem was that it was taken with an iPhone 4 camera.

Iphone Cameras in general have a reputation of being "too blue" in the color balance.  If you like having your people looking Smurfy, an iPhone is for you. 
I was playing around with my pictures, looking for inspiration for this particular posting, and I found this cat sitting on the post near my house sleeping.  I'm not zoomed in deeply and the picture was of adequate size.  In fact, this picture is the same size of this laptop that I'm working with, roughly.  1200x800. 

I grabbed the segment and cut out the excess, and pasted it into the tool I use to make the captions and realized that I was looking at an impressionist painting.  Nice effect if you intend to have it. 

The reason it came out so fuzzy was because the camera on any given phone does not have a proper lens to do its focusing.  They are a "fixed focus" lens which means you can't zoom in unless you use software to clip out parts of the picture, then make the picture larger using software.  A normal focusing "zoom lens" will allow you to get a crisp picture until you get to the end of the lens' reach.  At that point, my camera at least, will start doing this "Digital Zoom" effect and you start to get the fuzzies.

I'll keep the phone in the pocket waiting on a call.  I guess that means, I've got to make sure that the real camera is in the other pocket.   Lucky thing that Cargo Shorts are somewhat in style in South Florida.

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