Sunday, April 1, 2012

Amateur Day - April Fools Day

Usually, I post a joke on a Saturday and Sunday morning.

Not today. 

You see this is April Fools Day. 

Those of us who are not the kind that tell jokes all year long, will find that they believe that they have all day today to be putting buckets of water on door jambs, pulling rugs out from under people, telling bad jokes, and doing things that normally would be considered questionable on any other day.

Keep an eye out for web pages trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge, Swamp Land in Florida, and acting strangely. 

I'll be in the background today waiting for the first amateur to come along and do something "funny".  I'll sit this one out. 

See?  It is out of character and therefore funny, right?

Ok, you really want a joke?

What's black and white and read all over?

A Newspaper.

Now, put the bag of flaming dog poop on that porch over THERE... WAY over there....

We will return you to your regularly scheduled blog posting tomorrow at this time...

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