Monday, April 15, 2013

Cobwebs and a Fresh-ish Start

Knowing is half the battle.
Planning wins the battle.

Knowing that last week was going to be hell, I filled the blog with articles.  Sat down and emptied my head about the dog, and other random thoughts that came to mind.  Being quite preoccupied, I was allowing a mental vacation even if a rest was the last thing on the cards.

Now that the week is over, it's time to restart some things.

Projects always need to run their course, even if it is a matter of saying "we're not going to do this any more" or "I'm done and lets bring it to the next level".

Fewer distractions mean more things get done even if getting it done is spinning the wheels.

Having finished the week, sitting down at the end of the morning rituals, it allowed me to look out the window and realize that it was time to dip the toe into the water of a few very specific tasks.  Being self-directed, you only answer to yourself when things "go long".

So now I am taking a bit of my own medicine or eating my own dog-food.  Step back, get the big picture, then take the long view of things.  Life is a marathon, not a sprint.  If you're impatient for results, you're cheating yourself out of the opportunity of excellence.

The Long View however can not be achieved in one big step normally.  So divide the goal, and conquer. 

I think I heard that somewhere.

So reach for the first stage in the plan.  It's usually the smallest one and is easiest to congratulate yourself when it is over.

For now, there's a server that has been waiting on my time to finish.  Getting it up to date means that at least the mind is moving in the right direction.  Sure, it's a small step but it is moving forward.

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