Friday, April 19, 2013

The Duck and the Fountain - Picture

If you build it, they will come.

The other day, it started to rain.

I knew about it when Oscar started flapping his wings excitedly thinking about the chance to play in the rain.  Orange Wing Amazon parrots love rain, and love the chance to get wet.

Taking his cage out to the driveway to enjoy a little weather, I watched over him for a while.

I decided it was a perfect time to get a bunch of little projects done.   Washing down the resin chairs from Aunt Betty is always in order, and when I took them over to the grass to rinse them off, I noticed that we were being watched.

There was a Muscovy Duck who was curious about my own Oscar.

He was watching Oscar and slowly approaching him, while watching me and making sure I wasn't going to do anything scary.   Ducks don't care for scary, especially since I'm tall and know how to roast a duck.

I went about my own business, washing the windows on the house, then the Jeep got the dust washed off of it, and finally, I turned the hose on mist.   Oscar was going to get a second shower.

The duck didn't exactly care for the hose, so he started walking across the street to the puddles.  I guess in his little ducky mind, he realized that there was something more interesting in the yard so he headed over to the fountain.

This fountain serves many purposes.   It will make a babbling brook sound so you wonder if you left your sprinklers on.  The dog, named D.O.G., Yes, D.O.G., uses it as a drinking fountain as well.

As I'm taking pictures of this duck on the fountain, D.O.G. comes out of the fenced in yard and spots the duck.  Mind you, D.O.G. is a 140 pound Rottweiler.  Contrary to most people's belief, it's probably one of the sweetest dogs you've ever met, more preferring to lay in the sun and drink out of the fountain than chase off people.   The owner looks more the type for chasing people but that's neither here nor there.

However, the owner did want to get moving, so he started calling D.O.G.  You could see the doggy-gears churning inside that great noggin, do I explore the fountain and the duck, or listen to Dad?

Dad didn't care for that, and he was stomping his feet to get the dog back at bay. 

Eventually he did pile the beast into the truck and they were on their own little way.

The duck did remain at the fountain, doing whatever it is that ducks do in fountains, other than entertain me.

As someone once said, we do have the strangest wildlife here in South Florida, and some of it is not exactly native.

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