Thursday, April 25, 2013

Little Baby Squee Birds - Picture

It is Squee Bird Season.

I have no idea what these birds are really called.  I've never seen them other than in Florida, and wasn't expecting to see them in Rockledge, Florida, half way up the state.

My own rule is always have a camera, you never know what you'll find.

We were driving up to Deltona to pick up Rack, that day and made a detour for some fruit.  Sitting in a podocarpus tree, there was a nest.   These trees are excellent for shaping because they have very dense foliage, and this one was shaped as a rectangular column in front of the building.

As I walked toward the entrance, I heard a familiar and annoying sound.


Yes, the mating call of the Squee Birds.   The other day I had one here at my house that wanted to set up residence.   The entire morning I heard Squeeee Squeeee Squeee.... High pitched call.

Lunch came and went and I got more annoyed. 

Eventually I came outside and found the culprit, a bird looking for a place to roost and find a home.

Not on my watch.

I shooed the Squee bird away and he or she didn't come back. 

Yes, I know it's breeding season. 
Yes, I know you need a room. 
No, there is No Room At The Inn. 
Sorry, No Vacancies.  

So when I heard the bird in the parking lot, I laughed to myself and wondered what was going on.  There was the momma bird leaving and I looked in at a gap in the tree to find this sight.

I left the babies at rest and went on about my business.  But coming out of the shop, I realized that I had my camera crammed in my pocket and grabbed this picture.

Take nothing but pictures, leave no trace behind.

After I walked away, a family of five piled out of their minivan and looked in on the little creatures.  Dad gave the boys an education and then they went on their way as well.

Best way to see a Squee bird, online, but if you do find a nest, let it rest.

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