Monday, April 1, 2013

Waiting for the Vet to Open

All weekend, we've been busy.

Some was good.  I had a good friend finally show up from Key West for a long weekend visit.  Never mind that this should have happened back in 2011, it happened and it was good.

Some has been quite bad.  

Lettie is going through another relapse of her Chronic Kidney Disease.  She's been refusing food all weekend.  It's been a battle to get her to keep some of the food down.

She's supposed to get a can of special diet a day.  That breaks down to 10 syringes of food.  Five in the morning, five at night.

I'll give her a squirt of around 1/6 to 1/4 of a syringe, about 1.25 ounces per syringe.  She'll spit out more than half of it.

So needless to say the feedings take forever.  It took me 30 minutes today to get two syringes in her.  That's basically 5 tablespoons of food for a dog that should be around 45 pounds.

Not enough.  That is the kind of feeding I've been going through all weekend.   If a dog will get sick, it's bound to happen on a Friday, and especially if there is some sort of holiday going on. 

Trust me on that.

I'll be calling the Vet shortly.  I'm sure they'll want me to bring her in.   She's not easy to handle any more.  A dog who's main motivator is the avoidance of fear results in all sorts of adjustments.

Keep things calm and quiet.  Watch for her tail to tell you if you're going "too far".  Talk to her, which is difficult since she's profoundly hearing impaired.

Life is tough when you are an old dog.

Wish me luck.  This basically is here to remind me of what we've been doing so I can repeat it back for the vet when I call in 11 minutes or so.

8 AM.

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