Saturday, July 19, 2014

Joe's Tavern

Joe's Tavern

A man comes home from the bar, drunk, late one night. Upon entering, he immediately explains to his wife what happened.

"You're never going to believe this, but I was just at a bar where you sit in lounge chairs, beautiful women serve you, and there are brass toilets!"

His wife, thinking he's just drunk, doesn't believe him. "Really? What was the name of the bar?" she asks.

"Joe's Tavern," he replies.

She takes out the phone book and looks up the bar. She finds a "Joe's Tavern" in it, and calls the number. A man picks up.

"Excuse me," she asks, "but is this Joe's Tavern?"

"Yes it is," replies the man.

"My husband claims he was just at your bar. At your bar, do you sit in comfortable lounge chairs?"


"Do beautiful women serve you?"


"Are there brass toilets?"

No response. Suddenly, she hears the man shout. "Hey Louey! I just found the guy who peed in your tuba!"

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