Sunday, July 27, 2014

One Day A Genie Was Found By An Old Woman

One day a genie was freed by an old woman.

Like every cliche genie out there, he decided to grant her three wishes as a reward.
The old woman first said, "I wish for 100 million dollars." POOF! 100 million dollars added to her bank account.

"Go on," said the genie impatiently. "I don't have all day... probably."

"I want to be young and beautiful, like a princess," the lady demanded. And POOF! The old woman turned into a pretty young lady.

"Last wish! Choose wisely or else," said the genie.
She looked at her pet cat she was walking. The woman then turned to the genie and asked, "Can you now turn my cat into a handsome man?"

Puzzled, the genie said, "Uhhh.. I thought you would wish for something better..., but turning a cat into a man... that works too." And finally, POOF!

The cat turned into a handsome man.

The man then turned to the woman and suggested, "Shouldn't you have wished you hadn't had me neutered?"

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