Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sherlock Holmes and Watson Go Camping

Sherlock Holmes and Watson Go Camping

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are camping in the woods one night during an investigation.

As they lay out under the stars, Holmes asks Dr. Watson a question...
"Watson!" Holmes said imperiously. "Look at the stars and tell me what you can deduce."

Watson sighed, recognizing one of Holmes' frequent tests of his observational skills. He screwed up his courage.

"Well, Holmes... I look at the stars and my first thought is that, given how grand the scale of the heavens is, even to the naked eye, we must be truly insignificant specks in a cosmic entity that may not even know that we are here, let alone care if we live or die. Given that fact, it is foolish of us to assume that life is anything more than a meaningless and incidental phenomenon, destined for casual eradication. Is that not so?"

"Yes yes, man, go on, go on! What else?" Now the detective sounded excited. Watson felt encouraged.

"Well, Sherlock, I must also hazard to say that, as inconsequential as life must be, it also has the fine distinction of bearing sentience. We are the very eyes, ears and souls of creation itself. Our unlikely presence and mysterious origins are as good an argument as any for a grand design to the entire cosmos and where there is design, there may be purpose!"

"What else, Watson! What else!"

"Think, Holmes! We may be unwitting participants in the greatest experiment the universe has ever conducted! Our puny lives are perhaps but grist for the mill of an experiment conducted by God Himself, the attempted evolution of His heir apparent!"

All at once, Holmes let out a great cry of excitement and jumped up to face Watson.

"Watson, my dear Watson! You beautiful, colossal, blistering idiot! You've got it all wrong!"

Watson's face fell. Grudgingly he asked, "well then, what did I miss?"

"It's elementary, really. Someone has stolen our tent!"

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