Friday, January 30, 2015

Fingernail Moon Over Wilton Manors

It was a couple nights back.  January 21st to be precise.

We had done our walk and was looking forward to coming home, having dessert, and putting on some mind numbing sit-com to laugh at for a couple hours.  All that domestic stuff everyone does, everyone thinks is so common and perhaps boring, and everyone misses when the routine gets disturbed.

After all, your routine is your routine because you made it that way.

In other words:  Everywhere you go, there you are.

Waving to the shop keepers, avoiding tourists on the drive, and getting Rack trained to accept a bit more noises had been done.  The walk was long enough.

In the middle of the street, we chattered about things that would be inconsequential to anyone but us, and that was fine.

That was where I stopped.

Asking "Can you see it?  The moon about as thin as it ever gets.  Right there above the big mango at the end of the block.", I stopped Kevin.

He squinted and said yes, and that you don't usually notice them that small.

I said "Let me borrow you for a minute.".  I stopped him, pointed him in the right direction, then used his shoulder to take the pictures.

"Could you please stop breathing, you're shaking the camera!" didn't help since it got him laughing.

I did manage three shots.  The best of them is cropped and reproduced here.

That's the thing about taking pictures.  You never have the right attachments at the right time, and if you do, there's nothing to take.  Borrow a shoulder or a parking meter if you have one.  I've done all that with varying results.  Next step is to tape the camera to a telescope and have a bit of fun.

That is, if you can actually spot the blasted thing.  The moon is a little below center vertically, left of center horizontally.  I have to keep wiping off the monitor to see it.

Technology.  It's a bear.

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