Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mint Tea. It Only Takes 26 Minutes!

Mint Tea is one of those things.

If you like it, you go out of your way to get it.  Fresh is best so you'll grow the stuff in the yard.  You also are warned "It will spread, so put it in a pot!".

My godmother Kathie and her husband Larry had a bit of mint growing in their yard when I paid a visit a while back.  Kathie was going through her pots looking for things for me to try to plant here and when we spotted the mint, she asked if I wanted some.

Sure!  I love mint tea and it's much better that way!

I trotted home and stuck it in a medium sized pot with some soil on the drip feed irrigation lines and waited.

It grew, vigorously, and now I have a pot with tendrils that are looking to find a new home somewhere else like a Borg hive trying to assimilate my garden.  So far I have managed to keep the yard safe from being taken over but who knows how long that will last.

That thought came to mind as I went to the kitchen.  7:40am.  I noticed that Rack trotted out to the back door as I was cleaning the mug out in the sink.  He was staring at me through the back door glass and the kitchen window.

Realizing that didn't work, he came over and stared at me from the hall.

"What?" I said.  He stared at me until I asked "Show me what you want!".
Back to the back door and I let him out.

Went back and cleaned the mug more.   Rack had done a lap of the pool, the yard, disturbed a squirrel in the shrubs and was now sitting down looking at me from the kitchen with that "You know I wanted you out here with me stare".

*sigh* I went outside.

Rack immediately started playing the "stomp and chase me game".   Running around the pool in circles, first clockwise, then anti-clockwise, he would smile as he ran.

*STOMP* Another circuit of the yard, this time disappearing through the wormhole to the other dog friendly planet behind the shed.

He blazed forth out of the area behind the shed with me clapping my hands to keep the energy going.  I inspected some of the plants on the drip feed irrigation and went back to clapping my hands.

This is a game I don't play before 7AM.  It was now 7:50AM.

Running around the bougainvillea, he cornered it seemingly one millimeter off the ground and flew past me in a black and white blur.  I shouted "MURFF!" at him and clapped my hands a few times as he woofed back.

Scrabbling around the spa, he jumped through the hand rail at the steps at the back of the pool, cornering around the table, past the chair and the pool equipment.  Seemingly stopping in mid air and turning 180 degrees, I had 45 pounds of McNab dog running, full speed towards me on the return circuit.

I lifted my right leg and he ran under it, leaping back over the corner of the pool and through the hand rail.

Getting to the far side of the pool, he threaded himself between the Mango and the Banana in the pot, hovered in midair, then plopped down onto the grass where he started to munch on a flower from the sorrel that grows there.

"WOOF!" *CLAP!*  Rack slapped the ground.  I got closer and looked at him through the foliage.  He leapt up and tore through the yard again, out to the garden gate, then made the jump to hyperspace.

That dog can make the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs!

When the stars winked back into normal space, Rack was trotting over to the spa.  He seems to think that its a watering bowl.  Not good, we've got a salt system to make chlorine, and neither chemical are good for drinking.

"Rack?  Water?"  He stopped and trotted past me, the bougainvillea, and stood by the hose in the corner.  I got the water flowing after squirting my right boot, and pant leg.  Cupping my hand, Rack drank the water I poured into it with gusto.

Apparently, Dogs who are capable of Hyperspace jumps are actually steam powered!  Go fig!

He tanked up and immediately got started back in the game of running around the pool. I was looking forward to my tea now, the sprig of mint was picked on my next pass of the pool and the pot.

It was 8AM exactly.  20 minutes in. Still no tea.

Rack comes first, but he was slowing down to mere interplanetary speeds.  The launching through the pots was accurate, but merely only airborne instead of causing a wormhole effect.

He ran past the bougainvillea, made a sharp turn and tore the turf up.  Hmmm, not the best, he's slowing and getting a little less accurate.  Lets see if I can get him inside the house....

Nope.  Time for another lap around the pool.  The turn around the back side of the pool was done with a little scrabbling through the giant philodendron, and past the shed at a trot.

I think we're done.  I guided him into the house after washing his feet back at the hose pipe.

Powering on the burner, I knew I would have hot water and mint tea soon.   The kettle whistle sounded at 8:06AM.

Mint Tea.  It only takes 26 minutes!

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