Saturday, January 10, 2015

A guy takes a girl to the State Fair for their first date

A guy takes a girl to the State Fair for their first date

The guy asks her what she wants to do, she says, "I want to get weighed."

So they visit the weighing booth, where the worker attempts to guess her weight.
He guesses wrong the first time, and she gets a teddy bear.

They get some funnel cake and play whack-a-mole, until the guy asks again, "I'm having a really great time with you. Now what do you want to do?"

She replies, "I want to get weighed!" Confused because they'd already done this, the boy takes her to a different weighing station, and the person there also guesses wrong. She wins a goldfish.

After some cotton candy and a merry go round ride, he asks for the third time, "Wow, babe, that was really fun, but what do you want to do now?"

Frustrated, the girl says, "I want to get WEIGHED!" And the guy is exasperated, but takes her to another weighing station, where the worker actually guesses her weight correctly.

But by now, the boy is really irritated and drops off the girl at home without so much as a kiss.

When the girl returned, her mother asked, "How was your date, sweetie?"

"Wousy," the girl replied.

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