Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Years from

Happy New Years to you and yours.

If you have done it up too much last night, well, I won't shout it too loudly.


It's time to put away the funny hats, like the one I saved all year and tried to leave with a friend.  Clean up the Champagne Stemware like the picture above that I got from Wikipedia.

Hey, I'm not going to set that picture up, I hate olives and if I am opening a bottle of champagne I will certainly make sure there are some here to help me drink it.  I'm a light drinker anyway!

Besides, Prosecco is cheaper, and as a result, more trendy.  It's just a sparkling wine from Italy with slightly different grapes used.  They won't know the difference!

So take care of yourself, if you're still out, why are you reading this?  Get on home and sleep it off. 

If you go in to work tomorrow and have a hangover, well so does your boss.

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