Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Story of Red and Blue

Red and Blue were brothers working aboard a pirate ship.

Apart from being extremely mischievous, they were lazy lads and would almost always be found catching some shut-eye in some desolate corner of the ship.

The captain, though furious, never did do anything about them.

You see, the captain had a wife, long dead of course, but not before she bore him two sons. Red and Blue were just the two devils. He couldn't leave them alone back in their ruthless, pirate hunting hometown, so naturally, he brought them aboard his ship and never let them out of his sight.

 Eventually, as you can probably imagine, the boys got into a big fight with each other. Punches and kicks were delivered, things were thrown.

 The rest of the crew didn't help much either, some took sides, and the others just couldn't be bothered.

There were chants of "Red! Red! Red!" As well as cheers of "Blue! Blue! Blue!".

Pretty soon, some of the crew-mates that took sides began fighting each other as well. It was a right hoe-down. The captain was awoken from his sleep and came down horrified to find the ship messy and filled with men punching and kicking each other.
He drew his musket and fired a round into the sky, shocking the men into a standstill.

He demanded to know what was going on, but some of the crew, being in a bad mood, refused to cooperate.

Some were still cheering for the two brothers. The captain, outraged, took action.

The remaining crew mates who were still a vast majority, bound Red and Blue, as well as the dozen or so crew mates taking sides.

They were thrown into a large dingy and given supplies to last them a day, and under the rain of warning shots from the large cannons, the disgruntled crew of troublemakers rowed their way to a nearby island.

On the way there, Red and Blue forgave each other and grabbed each other in a bear hug. The troublemakers, having been touched by the display of brotherly love, began hugging each other as well.

So in the end, team red and blue merged together as one, and were marooned.

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