Friday, September 21, 2012

A Little Bit of a Shower at 3:45AM

We'd had a little rain overnight.

That is like saying there's a little open land in Texas.
Britain had a few overseas possessions once.
It's only a short hop across the country.

...unless you live in Liechtenstein then, I guess, it would be.

Actually I was awakened by the flash in my eyes before the crack of the thunder actually had me jump.  

It was one of those FlashBANG storms that we never really saw in Philly.  Down here, no problem, the places are built to take that sort of punishment.

When you realize you're laying in bed and counting "OneOneThousan...BOOM", the cell's right overhead and in ten or twenty minutes it would be gone, and the sound of the train in the distance really is the train on the FEC tracks a mile away, all is well.

Price of living in Paradise.

Laying in bed at 3:45 in the morning and watching the flashing of the lightning strikes on the inside of your eyelids, your mind starts to wander. 

When will the storm end?
Can I fall back asleep while this row is still going on?
Why isn't the dog whining?

Old dog syndrome.  You realize things are different before you realize why.  Sure, I got to sleep through a half of a thunderstorm, but a couple years back she'd have been barking at the sky and trying to crawl inside somewhere she should not have been. 

I wasn't the only one sleeping through a cell of biblical proportions.

I was grateful for the sleep, not for the reason.

Eventually the house settled back to its routine.  The storm passed, the pool water was topped off, there weren't any downed limbs.  That's life in the tropics.  Through every life a bit of rain must fall, but it brings with it the Hibiscus Flowers and the Orange Blossoms that later will nourish us with a tasty snack.

After all, you just can't pick an orange off the tree and share the pieces with the dog just anywhere.  I suggest the driveway.  Great place to survey the neighborhood while your hands get a little sticky.

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