Thursday, September 13, 2012

Three Years of This? Is there Daycare for Blogs?

Welcome to three years of writing an article every day.

I'm outspoken, wordy, and sometimes entertaining.  I put something up every day usually in the morning.  Most folks are coming in "From The Outside World" although those who are regulars tend to be Bursty.  If you're on the Facebook Group, you get an extract of the article and some actually read it.

I've stopped regularly checking Google Analytics for what is read regularly.  After all, I'm doing this mostly for entertainment value. 

Writing does give you a chance to set your thoughts in order and take time out from the chores of the day and perhaps live inside the moment, inside your head.  In that way this is a gift to myself.  Who knew that the kid who sat in Mr Custer's Sixth Grade Class dreading that buff colored book titled "Language" would grow to appreciate writing.

A little secret about this blog.  Most times when I write, I don't know what I'm going to say until I say it.  Sometimes, I even have to surf for a topic to hit me.  Those tend to be pretty wild when they do.  Then like anyone who considers others, I step back and edit some of the wild out.  Can't be storming the castle walls every day right?

It started as a way to keep up with my sister, then her and my friends, and now I have regular readers from all around the world. 

Most read this from the US, but I have significant readers in Canada, Great Britain, Australia and Germany.

The top five articles seem to be the same: 

1. Most come in to the main website, or its alter-ego and read until they've had enough.  Usually about 2 pages or so, which is 10 articles.   Since I'm wordy, I'm impressed!

The other articles everyone seems to like are:

2. The Gold Medal Biscuit Recipe. 
    Amazingly good biscuits and only 3 ingredients.

3. Ikea Poang vs the Lazy-boy Rocker comparison
    I switch back and forth each day, but mom would hate the way I lounge in that rocker!

4. Willy T's Bar picture in Key West, FL.
     I'll have to get back there some day.

5. GFS Marketplace Review
    Like the store, really hate the software they use to do coupons.

So like I said last year, and the year before, Who knows how long I'll keep doing this.  I may drop back to a couple articles a week, but for now it's a daily thing.  

Before every storm, I put a full week of "Duck and Cover" articles on the thing so I don't break my string of writing.  "OMG Its-a-rainin!  EEK" and delete the blasted thing before anyone sees them.

Even I can get writer's block when a topic doesn't present itself.  After all there are just so many "Oooh look at the cute thing that my dog did!" posts but that's what a blog is all about.

Thanks for looking over my shoulder, I really do appreciate it.

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