Thursday, September 20, 2012

Do We Really Need Dogs In Restaurants in Wilton Manors?

Personally, I'd love to bring my dog to a restaurant.  The thing is, that means others would bring theirs.  Having walked my own dog two traffic lanes away from the outside serving area at Alibi on Wilton Drive and had two yappers try to attack my own dog from that serving area as we were trying to pass well out of reach, I don't think it is a good idea.

In that situation, the small dogs were so violent in trying to get away, they pulled the chairs they were tied to into the next table and then knocked over the umbrella table next to it.  All the while, the owners were yelling at me saying it was my own fault for causing the problem.

There in lies the problem.  It's the owners and the culture of entitlement that has been growing over the last decades.  Don't take responsibility, it's someone else's fault for making them do it.

Seems like that's the kind of thing that a 9 year old schoolyard bully would say.  I can hear it now:  "Stop hitting yourself!  Stop hitting yourself!..."

What set these thoughts off was a phone call by a local friend Diane who was telling me about two people that we both knew, Ross and Tom who went down to Lincoln Road.  Apparently, according to this Miami Herald article, they witnessed a dog maul a waitress there.   The unfortunate woman required 300 stitches because she made the mistake of giving a dog a bowl of water. 

She probably should have given the beast a taser instead.

The dog should have been confiscated and placed "in quarantine" immediately thereafter due to Florida State Statute 767.13 (2).  Most likely why that didn't happen was that the owner of the dog was a lawyer who, to quote the Miami Herald:

The owner of the dog, ... , is an attorney who works in labor and employment law and has represented police officers.

Seems like entitlement to me, although I can't say for sure.. 

The dog is a "Cane Corso".  Large breed dog that originated in Italy.  Think "Mastiff".  Typically used for protection.  See a pattern here?

If the dog isn't absolutely perfectly trained, why are you going to inflict it on society?  After all, at a restaurant, you are imposing your will and showing off your own insecurities by bringing a huge animal like that. 

On the other hand, the dogs that came after me that day were under 20 pounds.

Simply better to leave the dogs at home.  No matter the "dog friendly vibe" of Lincoln Road on Miami Beach, or here on our own Wilton Drive, these companion dogs are a distraction that the rest of us really don't need.

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