Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OK, You People Are Boring.

Having a real bad case of writer's block this morning, I started reading.

There are a couple of websites that I look at when I'm stuck in a loop, or a funk, or just want to find some things that are intriguing to get me thinking.

That didn't work.

After reading tech blogs with one story after another about emerging technologies in consumer products, and how this new device would change the world, then switching to a general news website and doing the same thing, I realized.

There is a world outside of the iPhone.

Finally after spending "enough time" on the subject, I thought "Hey lets see what everyone is searching".  

That didn't work.

In metro area after metro area, state after state, the searches were surprisingly the same.

This last week in the top ten of the admittedly non scientific search that I did at random, every single city I checked of around 20 major cities, iphone and iphone 5 were in the top ten.

Oh go stand in line for crying out loud!

I did learn that the iPhone 5 has more computing power than any Mac Powerbook ever built, the screen is taller, the new OS will be available shortly if that hasn't changed while I was ignoring the press on the object. 

I also learned that my creaky old iPhone 3GS will be able to get iOS 6 some day if I ever turn the bloody thing on and figure out how to update it again.  I have a five year old laptop that has a questionable hard drive in it that has iTunes in it that I keep intact for just such backups and restores and upgrades.  Other than that the machine sits unused.  Can't really use a computer without a mouse these days, and I'm just too ornery to use an external mouse on a laptop computer.

Probably best to let that sleeping dog lie in case a power pop takes out the rest of the house and my laptop with it. 

So if you are standing in line waiting for your new iPhone 5 With Brand New Fetish Worthy Taller Screen!, enjoy.  

I'll just smile and go back to looking for things online.

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