Friday, September 7, 2012

Chronic Renal Disease and the Dog Buffet

No, I am not a Doctor.
No, I am not a Vet.
I do not play one on TV.

If you're depending on this for some deep information, the best I can give you is some insight into what I personally am doing with my own dog. 

Talk to your vet.

That's what I did.

Last weekend, my dog had simply collapsed.  She stopped eating and we took her to the vet.   Her Kidneys are going, and if this were a human, there would by Dialysis involved.  We're flushing her with fluids to let her kidneys process what they can and are hoping that we can keep her going a little longer.  That's the standard treatment these days for dogs in her case. 

Diet is low Phosporous, with plenty of protein and plenty of carbs.

If she gets through a month, she may make it to a year.  I'm not sure that we're going to be given that gift of a year.

The trick is that she simply doesn't like her food.   Not just dog food that she's been eating since we got her as an active adolescent, but any food at all.  We have a packet of anti-nausea drugs to give her before any food gets into her.  Trust me, that was a trial.  She may be sick but she still can show her teeth and her distaste of "personal maintenance".  If that helps get her through the weekend, we'll get more next week.

Now I have become a Chef to the Dogs. 

Today, it is Boiled Chicken, Boiled Beef, Tofu, Cottage Cheese, Yogurt, Steamed Rice, Dog Biscuits.  All of that is laying in one ounce portions on plates.

She may eat it today.  She may not.   I won't know until the food has been served.

So the plan is if you have a dog in this position, good luck.  Serve small portions.  What she may devour today, she will turn her nose up later today.

This morning the laundry list of foods didn't work.  She got Tortellini today instead.   After licking the yogurt, turning her nose up to the Morningstar Farms Vegetarian Sausage, ignoring the rice, I gave her one Tortellini.

Cheese Tortellini today she seemed to like.  I managed to get 8 in her before she walked away for another nap.  That's one ounce of Tortellini.

Seems like I'm losing this battle today.

We have three varieties of dog food in the refrigerator, another in a bag on the floor in the kitchen.  None of that works.

How it was explained to me is that "just like in a human", Chronic Renal Failure makes you feel awful.  Sick to the stomach, tired, cranky, achy.   I feel sorry for any being who has to go through this, and gives me a view into Dialysis that I really don't want.

So if Lettie wants a bit of my Graham Cracker, she's going to get it.  Yesterday she ate 1 cracker, 1/2 serving of the stuff.  I keep them here to make pie crusts, so I guess there's some for her too.

The best suggestion I can give someone is that if you're cooking something for the dog, make sure you like it.  You probably will be finishing it off.

So to finish off my breakfast, I'll be having a couple eggs with the rest of that vegetarian sausage.  May as well use it up and it may tempt Lettie with some more food.

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