Tuesday, September 11, 2012


11 years later, we all remember where we were when the towers came down.

I was in my office, after having finished a call to my Purchasing client, I was busy.  Head down, writing specifications for my programmers and myself to follow when there was noise out in the hallway.   The music stream that I was listening to had just sputtered off.

My office suddenly filled up with people.  They were telling me that "something happened" and they couldn't "get to the news sites".  That continued all day long, the news sites were sporadically available, and more details got through as people found portable radios stashed in bottom desk drawers.   Those radios later become a must have instead of a minor embarrassment.

Nothing really got done that day, other than the needless snuffing out of thousands of lives in three events, New York, Shanksville PA, and the Pentagon. 

That was the day the world changed.

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