Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What to do at 2:20 AM

When the one eye opens and spies the clock at 2:20AM, usually a groan follows with some rustling of blankets.

When that repeats for an hour, usually it's followed by feet hitting the floor to take care of some pressing business.

Padding to the front door at 3:30 in the morning, not even waking the dog, I was able to see a street deserted.

Sure it was one of those mornings that I couldn't sleep.  My mind was racing for some oddball reason. 

The Dog's Diet.
A Revamped US National Income Tax Code.
Triage of some Laptop Computers.
Mental Remapping of Computer Hard Drives.
Whether I should get up and let the dog go water the lawn.
Is it too early for Breakfast?
Is there coffee in the kitchen?

These are some of the mental flipflops that happen when the only thing you see in your left eye is the inside of the eye lid, the right eye sees a slit of grey lit by a distant street lamp that is a block away.

I did finally get out of bed and begin to feed the dog, a job that now takes about 30 minutes.  She gets a diet that a child would love.  Granola Bars, Animal Crackers, Low Sugar Breakfast Cereals, Cheese and a small handful of vitamins and medicines.

Cheese helps to get the vitamins and medicines down.  It used to be that you could toss a pill into the air and she'd eat it down before realizing what it tasted like.  Now she gets so many pills that she's beginning to hate them, even the ones that taste like nothing to you or I.

We left the house and watered the lawn again, as well as a couple other lawns on a one mile tour of the town.  There aren't many people out and about at the time we did our lap, now 4:30 AM.  I saw one other person on the entire walk, plus a police car whose driver and I recognized each other.  Say hi to the officer, Mrs Dog!  (wag wag)

Strange what an extra three and a half hours will give you in a day.  Luckily the kitchen will give me another mug of coffee in about 5 minutes.

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