Monday, January 14, 2013

Air Temp 80F, Water Temp 73F - Picture

You know...

When you're out stuck in traffic, look right out the window on a day like this, you reach for the camera.

While the rest of the world is shoveling snow and complaining about the bad weather, we've had a warm winter.

80F, 73F Ocean Water Temperature at the beach in Fort Lauderdale.  If you're curious, that link is to Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue and you can get the 8am conditions at the beach any time.

I can hear the family up North groaning at that one.   Actually, we could use a good cold snap.  The Iguanas are having a resurgence.   When we have a cold snap, highs in the 50s, the iguanas can't handle it and fall from the trees.   That's a good thing.  Iguanas are an invasive species.  The Whitefly are starting to harm the Ficus hedges that were doing well last year too.

But the picture says it for itself, the weather this weekend has been amazing.

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