Friday, January 4, 2013

Need a Calendar? Got Printer and Lots of Ink?

There is a website connected with NASA that puts out some amazing pictures.  The Astronomy Picture Of The Day, or APOD, is one of my visits each day.  Quite a few of those pictures ended up in the directory that my computers read for the desktop background rotator I run here.

They put together, each year, a calendar full of astronomical wonders.  A link to the discussion on their page is here if you should like to read through all the wonderful geekiness.

If you aren't into all of that, a direct link to the calendar in PDF is here.

Furthermore, if you need a nice basis for a calendar of your own graphics and have access to Microsoft Publisher, they were kind enough to place a link to the .PUB file.  You can then modify things as you wish.

Since there's a lot of black in space, you're going to need new printer cartridges or do what I do - refill them!

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